Learn the top 100+ most common expressions in English

TOP 100+ most common expressions in English

Learn the top 100+ most common expressions in English. These are very useful to use in everyday conversation and they’re usually used by native speakers.

Language is filled with expressions and idioms. They allow us to express ourselves without having to worry about the literal meaning of what we say. And because English is so widely spoken, there are international idioms and expressions that are used as well. In this video, I will be covering the most common expressions in English. The ones that you should learn to use day-to-day in order to sound natural when conversing in English.

The main advantage of doing it this way is that people will not mind hearing these expressions coming from you more than once because it’s natural for you as a person, not just anybody. This way you get the most value from these expressions, plus you will make more friends, get invited to parties and have your social life boosted. If nothing else at least it will increase your overall confidence in yourself and how much you are capable of learning new vocabulary and having more difficult conversations.

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