Importance To Study Grammar

Importance To Study Grammar

Importance To Study Grammar

What Is The Number One Reason It’s So Important To Study Grammar?

The topic of grammar is extremely confusing, with a plethora of odd terminologies such as anomalous finite, infinitive, and daunting. However, these words are necessary for talking about form and language function.

Is there a need to learn them, so that people can talk and write grammatically?

There’s no reason for that!

People learn grammar by hearing speech patterns, listening to others’ talk. However, some linguists are under the assumption that people are born with an instinctive universal grammar, something that was already installed in the human brain.

Of course, some people don’t agree with this assumption.

Regardless of how people actually learn grammar, there is one thing that does stand true, the more people learn of their native language, the more grammar they learn. It’s a totally natural process. There are no teachers around when children learn how to speak, and they often do it even without parents. Children who are exposed to a language will pick it and everything that goes with it up, including grammar.

What Is Grammar?

Grammar is the education of language patterns.

Children attain grammar by mimicking the patterns of speech. It’s an innate talent; they don’t know-how, and they can’t describe it; they only know that they’re doing it.

The majority of people use patterns to learn grammar without all analytics and descriptive information to go along with it. So, if that’s the case, why should grammar be studied at all?

One HUGE reason: accuracy

It’s All About Accuracy

When talking about accuracy, there’s a fundamental difference in written language and spoken language. Written language needs to be accurate.

Why should you not write the way you speak?

Speech is two-way communication, meaning dialogue takes place. If there is any confusion about meaning, the conversation can better clarify it. If something is said that you don’t understand, you can ask for it to be clarified or restated differently.

How is this done?

It’s done by speaking formally and grammatically-correct, as if you’re writing the words you’re talking.

When someone is writing an article, the reader has no opportunity to ask for clarification. Thus, authors take great care in their writing than when speaking. They know that, by the final draft, the reader should be able to understand what’s being written easily.

Blogs, however, can be written formally or informally, as it is both a one-way and two-way communication. The blogger will write the post, publish it, and ask readers to make comments if they wish.

So, for your numbers to increase, you must be accurate. And, you need to be grammatically correct.

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