How to Learn English Online and from Home

3. Use Audiobooks and Transcriptions.

You can listen to audiobooks on your own time.

You can do so anywhere, but its best done at home. There, you have enough peace and quiet to focus on contents.

Audiobooks have a clarity quality to them. They are narrated slowly, suitable for learners of the language.


It’s an exercise you can do with audiobooks.

As you listen to an audiobook, type what you hear. This improves your English by engaging your senses more.

It forces you to focus if you want to keep up with the content.

Specifically, you use…

  • Hearing – to listen to the book.
  • Sight – to see what you write.
  • Speech – where you can speak as you write.
  • Touch – writing fast to keep up with content.

That’s 4 senses in a simple form of practice. And it’s one of the best ways to improve your command of English.

To do a transcription, all you need is a laptop, a video file (of the book), and transcription software.

You can do this exercise anywhere, and from the comfort of your home.

But, do note that this exercise is intensive. It’s also hard for beginners, so you need a while to get used to it.

So if you need something easier, you can…

4. Watch Subtitled Movies.

This helps you master the casual use of English.

You can watch movies in your native language. Slowly, see how the phrases in your language are translated into English.

This’ll help you get a grip of the language.

Or, you can do the opposite. You can watch English movies, subtitled in your native language.

This is an excellent approach too.

Again, this approach is private. Not to mention, it’s leisurely, where you get to enjoy entertainment while learning.

So you hit 2-birds with 1 stone.

It’s All About Exposure.

Think about how a small child learns to speak a language.

They hear it from their surroundings. And over time, they adapt themselves to speaking the language accurately.

You can do the same, from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to attend classes constantly or socialize.

Just surround your home with English. Always listen, hear, and read in the language, until you get fluent!

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