How to Learn English Fast and Easy

How to Learn English Fast and Easy in 2021

How to Learn English Fast and Easy

Have a clear vision

Before getting an answer to your question “How can I learn English”, find a reason why you need to improve your language skills. Having a clear vision will:

  • Help you stay focused and consistent during a learning process.
  • Give you a considerable portion of motivation to stay on the path, even if you find yourself losing interest in learning English.
  • Create an atmosphere in which you study not because you have to, but because you want to.

Reflect on the reasons why learning this language is so crucial for you. Do you have a specific purpose? Make sure that it’s significant enough to motivate you to keep on moving forward throughout your language training journey. The more focused you are, the faster and easier you’ll make progress.

Set specific goals

How long does it take you to learn English? First of all, it depends on your goals and a study schedule. After specifying WHY you want to become proficient in English, write down WHAT exactly you want to achieve and WHEN. Setting clear and specific goals will give you the needed clarity of the process and help you make the right decisions. Set a long and short-term goal and focus on working towards them.

Here are some examples of poor goals:

  • I want to learn to speak English fluently.
  • I want to visit my friend in the US.
  • I want to study abroad.

Pay attention that poor goals are not specified and have no time limits. So, adding deadlines is crucial for evaluating your progress.

Besides, unclear goals don’t have an accurate measure of success. What do you mean by “speak fluently”? What do you need to do to enroll at the desired university? Perhaps, it’s required to pass the TOEFL/ IELTS exam or have a B2 level. Find your measure of success and make your goals as detailed as possible.

Let’s see how SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals look like:

  • Within six months, I want to be able to speak with my business partners and email them in English quickly without using a dictionary.
  • Within three months, I must be able to make small talk on common topics (weather, tourism, sports, etc.) with native English speakers.
  • After nine months of learning English online, I want to score 100 points in the TOEFL exam, so that I can apply and get accepted to Columbia University.

Make your goals ambitious, but stay realistic at the same time. If you work for twelve hours per day, don’t spend three hours a day studying English. Overscheduling never leads to high results. Instead, think out a balanced learning plan — start small, but learn regularly. In fact, daily practicing is key to your language proficiency. Even if you spend only 20 minutes on it, instead of an hour, it’s better than nothing.

Do you like to learn English on Skype with a tutor or prefer studying in a group? There are different ways of learning a language. Just find out what works best for you, stay committed to your goals and you’ll learn English in no time.

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