5 English Tips for Learning and Improving Your English

5 English Tips for Learning and Improving Your English – Page 2.

2. Concentrate When Consuming Content.

The previous point talked about “exposure.” This one talks about concentration.

You have to listen carefully. You can’t just listen to content mindlessly, like a zombie watching TV.

Listening closely is key to understanding the language. Because it helps you improve everything, from vocabulary, to sentence structure.


When improving your English, you will come across words that you don’t know.

Concentration helps you find those words, instead of ignoring them. You can then write them down, look them up, then learn to use them.

Sentence Structure.

You need to learn how to compose proper sentences.

This helps you with writing, especially in the professional world. Focus on sentence structure helps you present yourself well.

Also, it helps you present yourself casually. It’s necessary to tell the difference between casual and formal speech.

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