5 English Tips for Learning and Improving Your English


3. Surround Yourself With Fluent English Speakers.

There’s a difference between casual and formal English. Formality is necessary for academic and professional success.

But, casual English is the one you speak every day, and find in the media. Surrounding yourself with English speakers helps you tell the difference.

You can pick up on idioms, clichés, and appropriate responses with “live” speech.

They’re subtleties you won’t find in books or most courses that teach English.

1 Problem.

Finding English speakers is hard in local environments. To find those fluent in English, you’re doing more searching than learning.

You have to look in places where foreigners gather, such as cosmopolitan locations, tourist areas, etc.

Or, you need to search for friends online, who can chat with you live.

So note that this option is not accessible to all. It highly depends on your geography and circumstances.

4. Take Writing Courses.

Writing is an important life skill. You need it to do many things.

Writing helps you present yourself in speech. It helps you structure your thoughts in a way that’s easily understood.

It helps you in many areas.

It helps you present yourself on social media, with well-written posts and content.

It helps you write letters to important people and professional reports in a career setting.

Writing helps you express yourself. If you have demands, needs, or desires, you better present them.

You see, it’s not enough to learn English through media. Writing is an important aspect too, and it’s one of the best forms of training.

Can I Learn English Writing Alone?

No. You need someone with expertise to evaluate what you do.

A teacher/guider/mentor can improve your English writing. They’ll comment on what needs to be changed, and what’s good about what you do.

5. Prepare a Curriculum.

Structure helps you master a language faster.

But, the structure isn’t something you can develop alone. You need the help of someone experienced to give that to you.

For that, we recommend someone who teaches English courses.

Look for those who teach English to beginner and intermediate level speakers. They have the experience to structure lessons that advance your learning fast.

Where do I Find One?

There are many of those where you live. Almost all cities in the world have English teachers.

But, we recommend you search online. Specifically, look for YouTube channels that provide structure while teaching the language!

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