Tim Cook Speech: Be a Builder

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Tim Cook Speech: Be a Builder

Watch this famous Tim Cook Speech. Apple CEO Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple and a prominent voice on ethics in technology and business, gives graduates his advice at the Stanford University commencement. Enjoy our Speeches with big English subtitles and keep your English learning journey.

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Tim Cook Quote:

Tim Cook Quote

Let your joy be in your journey not in some distant goal.” Tim Cook

Tim Cook full TRANSCRIPT:

“Stanford is near to my heart, not least because I live just a mile and a half from here.

Of course, if my accent hasn’t given it away, for the first part of my life I had to admire this place from a distance.

I went to school on the other side of the country, at Auburn University, in the heart of landlocked Eastern Alabama.

You may not know this, but I was on the sailing team all four years.

It wasn’t easy. Back then, the closest marina was a three-hour drive away. For practice, most of the time we had to wait for a heavy rainstorm to flood the football field. And tying knots is hard! Who knew?

Yet somehow, against all odds, we managed to beat Stanford every time. We must have gotten lucky with the wind.

Kidding aside, I know the real reason I’m here, and I don’t take it lightly.

Stanford and Silicon Valley’s roots are woven together. We’re part of the same ecosystem. It was true when Steve stood on this stage 14 years ago, it’s true today, and, presumably, it’ll be true for a while longer still.

The past few decades have lifted us together. But today we gather at a moment that demands some reflection.
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