Thierry Henry Speech: It’s Not Just a Game

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Thierry Henry Speech: It’s Not Just a Game

Watch this famous Thierry Henry Speech. Thierry is a French professional football coach and former player who is currently the manager of Major League Soccer club Montreal Impact. Thierry is considered one of the greatest strikers of all time and has often been debated by pundits and journalists as the greatest striker in the history of the Premier League. Enjoy our Speeches with subtitles and keep your English learning journey.

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Thierry Henry Quote:

Thierry Henry Quote

“You learn from your mistakes.” Thierry Henry

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Thierry Henry full TRANSCRIPT:

“Jessica: Welcome.

Thierry: Thank you.

Jessica: It’s a real pleasure to have a footballer of your credentials with us today. And I think I don’t think I’m overregulated when I say one of the iconic players of our time. And watching that video laying out your glittering career before you, how do you feel when you see that? I’m just reminded of a quote by a man that you know quite well, Arsene Wenger, who described you as the greatest striker ever, the Michael Jordan of football.

Thierry: Oh, I don’t know about that. That’s a big one. Did he say I was a pain in the neck also in the court? First and foremost, hi everyone, sorry. But when I look at this, nothing is impossible. That’s what I think of. But nothing is impossible obviously, because you have a group around you that makes it possible for you. That’s what I think of. At the beginning of my career, you tend to think about the ‘I’ in the process because you need to make your way in a group sometime that was already formed. And you need to have an impact, and try to find out who you can be, and what player you can be. And then at the end of the career and throughout the career, you start to understand that without your mates, you are no one. So when I look at this, although the pictures, they were my goals and stuff like that, but it reminds me of the whole process of it. And how you can achieve stuff when everyone kind of trust each other. And there’s something that’s not, it’s almost kind of a thing that people do not do anymore, especially in a group, being honest with each other is very key. Having arguments also is very key. It’s healthy as long as it is for the cause of the group, which means winning and getting trophies. So that’s what I think of when I see that.

Jessica: It’s interesting. I’ve seen interviews with you before where you’ve said, “if a player scores a goal for their team, but the team doesn’t go on to win, those goals should be discounted?”
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Thierry Henry  Speech

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