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The Rock Speech: Be Nice!

Learn English with The Rock’s speech. From the day he was born, Dwayne Johnson knew exactly how he was going to make his mark on this world. Through sheer hard work, dedication, and guidance from mentors-Dwayne went from wrestling in high school gyms and empty motels alongside his father, to winning the WWE Championship, to becoming a global brand—The Rock. But after years of laying the foundation and building upon his success, The Rock’s life-long mantra is still ‘BE NICE!’ In short: be nice to everyone you meet because you don’t know what they’re dealing with or how they’re feeling.

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The Rock “Quote”

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” The Rock

The Rock | “Quotes” from English Speeches


“Thank you. Thank you, thank you so much. Thank you. I paid you guys a lot of money and I love you too. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you so much. I want to thank, thank you, thank you to the city of Los Angeles. Thank you for this, the wonderful speeches that you guys have given on my behalf, thank you. Thank you to my friend, Tom Rothman, chairman of Sony; we go back a long way… I first started my career, one of the first movies I did was with Tom, we did the Tooth Fairy. So yeah, Whoo! And I remember calling Tom, and I said Tom, you know, as your guy, your star of the movie, I’m so committed to this movie. I’m so committed to ice skating. I’ve never ice-skated in my life. I tried to ice skate one time; we had rehearsals, I fell and I almost killed myself. I said Tom, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to ice skate in the movie. We’re gonna have to figure something out. There was a long pause, he goes, you do know you’re a Pro Hockey player, right? I said I do, yes. Long pause and as great chairmen of our industry will say and do, he pauses, he goes, you just go out there and kick ass. Let me take care of the rest. So Tom, thank you so much. I appreciate that.

I also want to, I want to recognize a few people who are here who came. We have my good friend, Josh Greenstein is here. Some say S-T-E-I-N some say S-T-Y-N-E. Josh, where are you, buddy? There he is. He is a marketing and distribution genius. Josh, thank you so much for everything we’ve done together over the years and we’re very excited obviously about Jumanji.

My good friend, the president, the man over at Warner Brothers now, Toby Emmerich. Toby, thank you so much for coming out. All the movies we’ve done in the past. Of course, we have Rampage coming out. I appreciate it. Thank you so much, and thank you so much for paying my full freight price. Thank you. Blair Rich… Blair Rich, we love you. Thank you so much, Blair from Warner Brothers. Thank you for coming.

So, I got to say this, I didn’t write anything down. I didn’t wanna write anything down. I figured this is such a monumental moment and significant time for me. I just felt like it’s probably best I just speak from the heart and from my gut. Now, if I happen to, if you hear me say, hold on a second, that just means I’m getting a little emotional, I’m just going to calm myself down. Yes, and then I’ll reset and everything will be good. You know, this moment means… it’s so significant because it means full circle. And I came into this business, 2018 will mark 18 years in Hollywood. And that is a very long time, a blood sweat and earning respect and doing the things that we do, that we like saying on social media. You know, we talk about our almost 200 million fans and family that we have on social media; all of you are here, we talk about being the hardest workers in the room, we talk about getting after it, we talk about getting up at four o’clock in the morning. Well, maybe that’s me. But, you too, nice. Well, it does come full circle because when I got into this business, I didn’t come in the traditional way. I didn’t go get my headshots done in black and white. Although I would have used color, ‘cause my skin is kind of good-looking and, yeah, I gotta exfoliate. So I might have chosen the color headshots, but I didn’t come in that way. I came in a different route. I made my teeth cut, cut my teeth, made my bones in the wild and crazy world of professional wrestling in the WWE. Thank you. Can I get some water? The people’s water, yes. It’s actually vodka. But yes, thank you.

The only thing I knew when I got into this business and these guys will tell you, Ron Meyer who’s not here, was part of that group, of course, Toby and Tom and so many others is, the only thing I knew was I was gonna be committed to putting in the work and I was going to put in the work my own two hands. That was what I was gonna do. So, for me, years later, to be here and celebrate this and get this star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame signifies things coming full circle, but also signifies one of three things that I wanted to share with you guys today. And the first thing is the willingness to always put in the hard work with our two hands. Because at the end of the day, regardless of what our dreams are, regardless of what we do now, what we want to do in the future, whatever it is you want to do, it will always come down to working your ass off and putting in the work. So that’s the first thing.

The second thing I thought I should say, it’s probably the most important, is gratitude. Now, yeah, thank you for saying, whoa, cause I’m almost there… hold on a second. It’s gratitude. I am so grateful. I wake up every day. My heart is so full of gratitude for the position that I’m in, for the opportunities that I have, for the opportunities that I’m able to create. But guys, here’s the thing with success, right? We’re here. We’re celebrating this, we’re in the mecca; this is Hollywood. We’re in LA, we’re the mecca of entertainment around the world. It all starts right here, right? So, here’s the thing with success. There is no success regardless of what you do, right? We all have different careers here. There’s no success alone. You don’t do it alone. No, no, it takes a team. So, I am so grateful right now to just, to recognize a few people in my life and it just a few and they are here, who, without them, there would be no me.

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