Terry Crews Speech: Abuse of Power

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Terry Crews Speech: Abuse of Power

Learn English with Terry Crews. Terrence Alan Crews is an American actor, artist, activist, and former American football player. He has appeared in movies, movies sitcoms and a reality tv series; he was a linebacker and defensive in the NFL and World League of American Football. Crews is also a public advocate for women’s rights and an activist against sexism. He has shared stories of the abuse his family endured at the hands of his violent father and was included among the group of people named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2017 for going public about being sexually assaulted. In this speech, he also quotes: “You have to find someone you love, you care about, and someone who cares about you and loves you, and you have to share and open up. Because let me tell you, man, I’ve seen the toughest, toughest men crumble, crumble.” – Watch with big English subtitles.

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Terry Crews Quote:

Terry Crews Quote: Dreams do come true. It takes a lot of work. But it can happen.

“Dreams do come true. It takes a lot of work. But it can happen.” Terry Crews


“I’m the first guy to pop his pecks at the One Young World Conference. I love this. Man, I got only a little bit of time, so I’m going to get into it real fast. How you doing? Ah, look at all these people! Man, the future is here. I love the future.

First of all, I am here to basically talk about a couple of things. I only have 10 minutes, so I’m going to be really, really short. But toxic masculinity. How many of you guys have heard all that, the phrase toxic masculinity? It has been used a lot. Everybody’s been talking about it, you know. Another way I like to put it is basically abusers of power. Okay. You know, I came up from Flint, Michigan. I was an athlete. I played seven years in the NFL. Flint, Michigan was a very depressed area and I also came up in a very, very violent household.

One of my earliest memories was, my father, I probably was like four or five years old. My father punching my mother in the face as hard as he could. That was one of my earliest memories. And you know, through trauma, you learn your lessons. For me, it was, hey, this man, the strongest man I’ve ever seen, this guy, he uses his power to abuse my mother. I learned simply because I was a man or he was a man, or the people around me who were men, they were more valuable than women. This is how it was for me coming up in Flint, Michigan.

And this is funny because people say, you know, toxic masculinity, I mean don’t women do things wrong too and the whole thing, but you got to understand, men and women are very, very different. One thing I noticed coming up in the hood, it was kind of wild because everyone uses their thing to manipulate people. Like, you know, women tend to be manipulated through fear. When I was coming up, the whole thing, if you were, you know, there were, I came up in the crack epidemic where, you know, there were pimps and people who were basically treating women as property and their whole thing was the fear, was to intimidate. My father using fear to intimidate my mother. And he would basically manipulate her through fear.

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