Taylor Swift Speech: YouTube Presents Interview

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Taylor Swift Speech: YouTube Presents Interview

Watch this famous Taylor Swift Speech. Taylor talks social media, touring, cats in lengthy YouTube interview. She was part of a program called YouTube Presents, which brings fans live performances and interviews with their favorite artists. Enjoy our Speeches with big English subtitles and keep your English learning journey.

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Taylor Swift Quote:

Taylor Swift Quote

Never believe anyone who says you don’t deserve what you want.” Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift full TRANSCRIPT:

Taylor Swift: Hi. That was nice.

Taylor Swift: It’s great to be here. This is amazing.

Kevin Allocca: We were talking before, you’ve actually been here before; is that right?

Taylor Swift: Yes. I came here, I think, about five years ago, I was 16. And just about to release my first single Tim McGraw. And so we were traveling up the West Coast in a rental car, in a TAURUS, and I was doing my homework in the back seat, I was home schooled in 10th grade. That was when we made this trip to San Jose and came to see you for the first time. It’s wonderful to be back here and have so many of you come out this time around. It’s amazing.

Kevin Allocca: We’re a very forward-thinking company apparently, having you here when you were 16. I want to thank you for being here, first of all, for all of us. This is really an honor and a treat. You’re in the middle of your tour, Speak Now. I know you have posted some videos to your channel, sort of outlining your tour, and, specifically, your trip to Asia. And I want to show a clip from when you were in Singapore. I know you were in Chinatown, but the Chinatown of Singapore? Is that right?

Taylor Swift: Yes. We started out the year going on tour and started off in Asia. And then we were in Europe for two months. It was, like, three months of major worldwide touring. So Singapore was the first place that we went on the tour.

Kevin Allocca: Cool. Let’s roll that clip.

Everywhere, sort of fascinated by the waving cats, because, you know, of course, as long as you keep fresh batteries in them, they’re always going to be saying hello to you, just always. Symbolize forever, waving cats. What’s better than a cat that’s always like, hey? There’s nothing better than that.

Kevin Allocca: So this, of course, has all the makings of a viral video. There’s a big celebrity. It’s a global thing. There’s a cat in the video.

Taylor Swift: That will do it. I think you just said it. That’s the essential ingredient is a cat.

Kevin Allocca: Now your YouTube channel is very popular. I know you have over a half a million subscribers that get your blogs when you post them, which is really cool. I wanted to ask you off the bat, how important is your channel and social media in general as a tool for expression but also connecting with your audience.

Taylor Swift: I think we’ve all seen the effect of social media and how that can affect people. For me, I grew up when that was just about to set fire to the world. You know, I was, I think, in seventh and eighth grade when everybody started having a profile online and everybody was — you know, it was all about who’s your friend and who’s commenting on whose page. And then it became the YouTube generation, where everybody’s looking at videos, everybody’s making video blogs and, you know, makeup tutorials or this or that or back to school outfit shopping, you know. Everybody is kind of catching on to communicating by making videos and learning how to edit them. And it’s — I think it’s fantastic, because it’s just a new skill set for this new generation.
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