Subeksha Khadka Speech: Don’t Hesitate

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Subeksha Khadka Speech: Don’t Hesitate

Learn English with Subeksha Khada. Miss Nepal 2012, Subeksha Khadka gives a very inspirational speech to students. She talks about growing up without confidence and how important it is to pursue your dreams and not give up in the face of adversity. Subeksha Khada is a beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Nepal International 2012 & World Miss University Nepal 2017. She started her modeling career as a television presenter at the age of 17. She represented Nepal in Miss International 2012, which was held in Japan. In this speech, she also quotes: “Start believing in your potential. If you want to do something, opt for it. If you think you’re good at singing, if you’re good at dancing, start taking classes. Sharpen the talents that you have and polish the things that you’re weak in. Because no one’s perfect. It’s practice, perseverance, and consistency that makes a person a better human and a better version of who you were yesterday.” Watch with big English.

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Subekshaa Khadka Quote

“Believe in Yourself.” Subeksha Khadka

Subeksha Khadka – FULL TRANSCRIPT:

“You are graduating in the most interdependent age in human history. Interdependent with each other, within your community, your state, your nation and the world. This campus has seen global imagination, and what you have all said today, “light the world on fire,” both have to be defined, because all interdependence means is that here we are, stuck together. We can’t get away from each other. Divorce, walls, borders, you name it, we’re still stuck with our interdependence.

Whether we like it or not, for the rest of your lives, what happens to you will, in some measure, be determined by what happens to other people, by how you react to it, how they treat you, how you treat them, and what larger forces are at work in the world. The global economy, the internet, mobile technology, the explosion of the social media have unleashed both positive and negative forces. The last few years have seen an amazing explosion of economic, social and political empowerment. They have, also, laid bare the power of persistent inequalities, political and social instability, and identity politics based on the simple proposition that our differences are all that matter.

At the root of it all is a simple profound question: Will you define yourselves and your relationship to others in positive or negative terms? Because if we’re bound to share the future, it seems to me that it is clear that all of us have a responsibility, each in our own way, to build up the positive and to reduce the negative forces of our interdependence. This applies to people on the left, the right, somewhere in the middle or somewhere out there. There are so many people who feel that they’re losing out in the modern world, because people either don’t see they more, they see them only as members of groups that they feel threatened by.

The young people pushing for immigration reform, clinging to DACA and DAPA, hoping to make their way in a country where their future is uncertain, feel that way. The young people in the Black Lives Matter movement feel that way. But so do the coal miners in communities where their present is bleak and they think their future is bleaker, and they think all of us who want to fight climate change don’t give a rip about the wreckage of their lives. It’s everywhere. When we try to drift apart in an interdependent age, all we do is build up the negative and reduce the positive forces of interdependence.

What does set the world on fire mean anyway? It means you can set the world on fire by the power of your imagination, by the gift of your passion, by the devotion of your heart and your skills to make your life richer and to lift others; or it means you can set the world on fire. You have to decide, but because the world is interdependent, you can’t take a pass.

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