Sarah Abushaar Speech: The Harvard Spring

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Sarah Abushaar Speech: The Harvard Spring

Watch this famous Sarah Abushaar Speech. Ms. Sarah Abushaar first came into the limelight after her delivery of the Harvard Commencement address in 2014. Her speech, “The Harvard Spring,” is an homage to the 2010 political uprisings of the Arab Spring. The address draws on the everyday freedoms that students take for granted, such as public debates in the pages of The Crimson, along with cultural events and artistic performances. Enjoy our Speeches with big English subtitles and keep your English learning journey.

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Sarah Abushaar Quote:

Sarah Abushaar Quote

What seemed intractable problems of the world became opportunities for me, for us, to change things.” Sarah Abushaar

Sarah Abushaar full TRANSCRIPT:

“When I was around seven, my toothless brother and I, on long, boring taxi rides in Syria, would indulge in imperialistic fantasies of how we wanted to take over the country outside our windows.

My parents would quickly crush these imperial conquests by warning: “Shh! You’ll get taken by secret service if they hear you.” The walls everywhere, we were told, could hear our revolutionary ideas and would send us to prison. Whereas children here had ghosts and the boogeyman, our equivalents were our governments. Fast forward to 2010.

When I first got here, someone told me, “If Harvard shut its gates, it could be its own country, just like the Vatican.” As I’ve walked through this place every day for the past four years, I was struck by how true this idea was. I saw it everywhere: The Harvard Nation. I saw it in the big and obvious things: We had our own version of the Statue of Liberty, the John Harvard statue, our own embassies, the Harvard Clubs of Boston and London, a tax collection agency, the Harvard Alumni Association, and an endowment larger than more than half the world’s countries’ GDPs.

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