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Pooja Hegde: Donate

Learn English with Pooja Hegde’s Speech. Watch Pooja Hegde speaking at the press meeting and the cancer Crusaders Invitation Cup 2020 Event. Indian actress Pooja Hegde appears predominantly in Telugu films, along with Hindi and Tamil ones. She began her career as a model and was crowned second runner-up at the 2010 I Am She–Miss Universe India pageant.

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Pooja Hegde Quote: Love is the strongest emotion and any act out of love can go a long way.

“Love is the strongest emotion and any act out of love can go a long way.” Pooja Hegde


I’ve grown up in a family which is filled with doctors. My brother is a doctor, my best friends are doctors. So I know the value that a doctor can make in your life. My grandmother is a cancer survivor. The true heroes are doctors and the true heroines are doctors more than anyone else.

First Speech

I’d like to thank the media today for coming here. The Tamil media has been really kind and really supportive towards me in the span of today what I saw and thank you so much for that. Thank you for coming here. Thank you to my team, Radha, my director for being the captain of this ship and directing me so beautifully, giving me my time and my space before every shot and giving five years of his life.

Thank you to Manoj for his brilliant cinematography. I don’t need to say more because when you watch the film, you’re going to love it. Prabhas for this beautiful film after doing a film like Bahubali, an action film, Saaho, to do a love story, it’s such a new and fresh experience for the viewers. And my entire team, all the ADs, everybody, thank you so much.

And I hope that you’ll enjoy the film. March 11th, in one more week, this film is going to be… is going to be out out. Prerna, my character, who I’ve left a little bit of Pooja in Prerna. I hope you’ll enjoy the film. I hope you’ll enjoy the character and I hope I entertain you all. Thank you. A Tamil audience, like I said, my career began with Tamil cinema.

And for that, I’m very grateful because I didn’t know actually what I wanted to be. I didn’t know that I wanted to be an actor. I didn’t know. And because of this film that came to me, I realized that I love being part of the films. I love creating movies. So I owe a lot to the Tamil cinema. And I hope I entertain you all with every single film.

I hope that you’ll see the new Pooja in Radhe Shyam. And I hope that you’ll enjoy it. And I hope you’re like Beast also. Like I said, you know, to do, after being an action hero, to do a love story, it takes a lot of guts. And I hope you’re like our chemistry, which I mean, we are getting good reviews of our chemistry.

So I think this one, like fingers crossed for it. The film was delayed actually from when I signed the film to when it now it’s been four years of my life. But I think that’s been my strength because I’ve grown as an actor. In between the four years, I did a lot of films and I went to work every single day.

And that kind of, if you see the film, you will see that there is a growth in Pooja as an actor when you watch the film. Because to be excited about one project for five years, we still moved in and out to be still excited and come to set every day with, you know, to show the audience something new, a fresh viewing experience is… it’s passion to another level.

So many beautiful moments we’ve had, so much fun. I think the, what do you call it? Drive-in cinema in the song that you’ll see, that, you know, the being on that set and experiencing that was like another level of excitement. I think every day we could, my birthday I celebrated on the sets in Italy. So it was a good fun shooting the film.

Thank you.

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