Mark Cuban Speech: Entrepreneurship Mindset

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Mark Cuban Speech: Entrepreneurship Mindset

Learn English with Mark Cuban. In 2011, Mark Cuban, Shark Tank star, went to California for an interview at Google Zeitgeist. He talked about entrepreneurship, technology, politics, and more. Billionaire Mark Cuban is an American entrepreneur, television personality, media proprietor, and investor. He’s known as the zealous owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and a star of the TV show ‘Shark Tank.’ Enjoy our Speeches with subtitles, and keep your English learning journey.

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Mark Cuban Quote:

Mark Cuban Quote

“It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, you only have to be right once.” Mark Cuban


John Battelle:  So I was doing really deep research on you.

Mark Cuban: Where? Back at the bar?

John Battelle:  Yeah. No, I was just reading Wikipedia.

John Battelle:  And the one thing really jumped out at me, so I wanted to start with the beginning, one of the first things you ever did. Apparently you made $1,000 as a kid on a chain letter.

Mark Cuban: Yep. That was in college.

John Battelle:  You are that guy –

Mark Cuban: I’m that guy.

John Battelle:  — who actually made money with one of those things.

Mark Cuban: It was my junior year in college, and I had to figure out a way to pay for school. So they had one of these chain letters going around. And so I just said, Okay. Somebody is making money. I would go around and it was a deal where you gave me $50 and send $50 to the person at the top of the list, took him off and then put your name at the bottom. What did was I helped everybody, all my friends, sell their version so they got all their money back. And then the power of networking, right, back then, it just took off. And I spent the next few weeks just going to my mailbox every morning and collecting 50-dollar checks and cashing them and I paid for my junior year of college.

John Battelle:  That’s quite a story. Seems like that’s been happening to you ever since.

John Battelle:  But I think there is more work involved more recently. You’re well-known for having opinions.

Mark Cuban: Yep.

John Battelle:  And so I’m hoping to elicit a number of them from you. As a matter of fact, you have so many hot-button issues I wasn’t really sure which one to start with. But we may as well start with given, I think, it has been in the air the past two days, which is the economy. You’ve written on your site — you have posted a number of opinions about the economy, about bankers in particular and about modest proposals for how to fix it. So what do you think is wrong? And how do we correct it?

Mark Cuban: Just a simple question like that, right?

John Battelle:  Solve it for us, Mark.

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Mark Cuban Speech

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