Kevin Hart Speech: Be Persistent

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Kevin Hart Speech: Be Persistent

Watch this famous Kevin Hart Speech. Kevin began working as a stand-up comedian shortly after graduating from high school, eventually migrating to bigger clubs in New York and Los Angeles. He has gone on to big-time Hollywood success, appearing in comedies like Think Like a Man, About Last Night, Get Hard, Central Intelligence and two Jumanji features. Enjoy our Speeches with subtitles and keep your English learning journey.

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Kevin Hart Quote:

Kevin Hart Quote

“The best feeling in the world is seeing the benefits and rewards of hard work.” Kevin Hart

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Kevin Hart full TRANSCRIPT:

“Daniel: You’re one of the most successful comedians in the world. You have built your career on comedy. I am curious, what made you want to do a more serious role?

Kevin: You know, just to show growth. I think with anything in life, you always want to progress. Having the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone of comedy and making a segue into what can be considered the world of dramatic acting, but done in a way that where my following can be a part of the journey of me eventually going over there.

This was a baby step, you know? This is a more dramatic role, but there is still some comedy undertone to it. Very personable, grounded and authentic but just someone who had the chops to do it.

So the movie after this one will then be one I can be another level past this one. It can be a little more serious. But my fan base would have seen this one and said, “Okay, wow. We know that he can do it. We believe that he’s going over here. Oh, I’m curious to see how he is in this one, too”.

Daniel: So do you set 10-year goals? Five-year goals?

Kevin: 100%

Daniel: Really?

Kevin: 100%. I think you have to, with anything that you’re doing, because that’s your reward. Seeing that you can say things and watch those things become your reality is what puts you in a position to just keep going. Once you see, “Oh, wow. I said I was going to do this and I did it” — And now that I am here, I’m not done. I’m going to set five new goals!

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