Kane Williamson: Forever Learning

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Kane Williamson: Forever Learning

Learn English with Kane Williamson’s Speech. Williamson is a professional cricketer and the captain of the New Zealand One Day International team. After leading New Zealand to the finals of this year’s Cricket World Cup, he was named Player of the Tournament. He became the highest-scoring captain in a single World Cup at the same tournament.

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Kane Williamson “Quote”

Kane Williamson Quote: A leader is one who knows the way. Goes the way and shows the way.a

“A leader is one who knows the way. Goes the way and shows the way.”Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson | FULL TRANSCRIPT:

To go to India for my… for my debut and test cricket was a… was a bit of a freaky experience really because…

Host: Thank you for joining us today… Thank you for joining us today, Kane. It is a pleasure to have you. I’d like to begin by talking a bit about your early journey in cricket. You’ve played cricket all your life, you scored 40 centuries by the time you’d left school. Was representing New Zealand internationally always on the cards or did it become a goal later on?

Kane Williamson: Firstly, I just want to say it’s a real honor to get the invitation to come here to Oxford and speak. I must admit when I got the invitation I questioned whether they had the right person because some of the names on the invitation that have come and spoken here before are incredibly influential people and I certainly wouldn’t throw myself anywhere near that category but it is very humbling to have this opportunity.

In terms of my cricketing journey, I’ll try and keep it brief because I’m assuming people just want to hear about the World Cup. I guess a twin brother, three older sisters, and a large family that were all very enthusiastic about sport and my dad was right into cricket so the interest in cricket grew fairly naturally, and fortunate to live near a school field where there was some fundraising done to put up some cricket nets which suited me just fine.

A lot of my days after school were spent practicing and then I guess if you fast forward over the years into age group cricket, into my school years as well and just sort of love the sport, and the progression part kind of came off the back of enjoying what I was doing.

Then getting the experience to play some professional cricket towards the end of my college years was a new experience and those number of hundreds that you mention I think every year that you leave school they grow which is impressive.

I always want more but I don’t recall scoring 40 of them at school. I don’t know if it’s anything special in terms of the journey but one thing that I’ve always tried to maintain is the enjoyment of what I do and that can be challenged at times.

When you get into the professional area of the sport and there are so many other challenges but also very fortunate as well and you certainly see that every day that you’re fortunate to do what you love and as a job.

Host: So you made your test debut in 2010 against India and you scored a century there as well. How is it that this phenomenal beginning then affected the rest of your career and how is it that at such a young age you adjusted to the international spotlight?

Kane Williamson: I guess if you rewind and that was an interesting experience for me making my debut. You never could foresee the opportunity to play for your country. It was probably less of a goal and more of an idea or a dream that was only real when it was actually happening.

I do recall making an A side prior to the Blackcaps and when the Blackcaps were never on your real radar or the opportunity to play international cricket was never on the radar, the scoring runs and giving it that purity was a little bit more authentic all of a sudden when it started looking a little bit further ahead.

Playing for the Blackcaps felt so much further away so there was a few lessons and having those experiences been able to peel it back before the time came where I was selected in a squad.

To go to India for my debut and test cricket was a bit of a freaky experience really because growing up and playing backyard cricket I had half of the Indian team in my backyard cricket side and now I was playing them and having to remove that thought and trying to compete against them.

In terms of adjusting to that, I think being naive and new to those challenges perhaps was a positive thing the challenges are always there and they can be… they’re always different but having that little bit of freedom and sort of no expectation. The opportunity to just play one game for your country was such an exciting thing in your own mind and you never saw anything else and then so to go there and do that was pretty special let alone to get off the mark and then stay out there a little bit longer and score a few more runs.

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