Jordan Peterson Speech: Be a Better Person

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Jordan Peterson Speech: Be a Better Person

Watch this famous Jordan Peterson Speech. Dr. Peterson speaks about his experiences over the last few months and, more generally, about the consequences of the joint postmodern, neo-Marxist rejection of Western enlightenment and deeper, archetypal ideals. He is a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Enjoy our Speeches with big English subtitles and keep your English learning journey.

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Jordan Peterson Quote:

Jordan Peterson Quote

Don’t compare yourself with other people; compare yourself with who you were yesterday.” Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson full TRANSCRIPT:

“Okay, so here is the problem. There is a big problem here. The problem is: It’s true! You’re oppressed. You’re oppressed. You’re oppressed. You’re oppressed. God only knows why… Maybe you’re too short or you’re not as beautiful as you could be, or… you know, your parent… your grandparent was a serf… Likely! Because almost everybody’s grand great grandparent was… it’s like, you know, and you’re not as smart as you could be, and you have a sick relative, and you have your own physical problems and it’s like: frankly, you’re a mess and you’re oppressed in every possible way… Including your ancestry, and your biology, and the entire sum of human history has conspired to produce victimized “you”, with all your individual pathological problems.
It’s like: YES! True! Okay, but the problem is… is that, it is true! And so, if you take the oppressed, you have to fractionate them, and fractionate them… It’s like: you’re a woman. Yeah, okay well, I’m a black woman. Well, I’m a black woman who has two children. Well, I’m a black woman who has two children and one of them isn’t very healthy. And then well, I’m uh… I’m a Hispanic woman and I have a genius son who doesn’t have any money, so that he can’t go to university… And you know, I had a hell of a time getting across the border It was really hard on me to get my citizenship; my husband is an alcoholic brute. It’s like: well, yeah, that sucks too, and so… well, so let’s fix all your oppressive… oppression, and we’ll take every single thing into account. And then we’ll fix yours too.

We’ll, take every single thing into account… It’s like ‘No, you won’t’, because you can’t, you can’t, it is technically impossible. First of all, you can’t even list all the ways that you’re oppressed. Second, how are you going to weight them? Third, who’s going to decide? And that’s the bloody thing: who’s going to decide? That’s the thing! Well What’s the answer in the West? It’s like in free markets. Oh yeah Christ, we’ll never be able to solve this problem No one can solve it. What are we going to do about that? We’re going to outsource it to the marketplace You’re going to take your sorry pathetic being, and you’re going to try to offer me something that maybe I want, and I’m going to take my sorry pathetic being and I’m going to say ‘Well, all things considered, as well as I can understand them… Maybe I could give you this much money.’ (which is actually a promise for that thing) And you’ve packed all of your damn oppression into the price; and I’ve packed all my oppression into the willingness to pay it. And that solution sucks! It’s a bad solution! But compared to every other solution, man. It’s why 10% of us have freedom. And so… There’s a tremendous illogic at the bottom of this, it’s like You have to fractionate the oppressed all the way down to the level of the individual!
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