British Royal Family: The Royal Foundation

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British Royal Family: The Royal Foundation

Learn English with the British Royal Family. Watch The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle discuss the inspiration behind The Royal Foundation, the issues that are important to them, and their ambitions for the future. The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is a charity that supports the work of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Their projects revolve around conservation, the early years, mental health, and emergency responders. Enjoy our Speeches with subtitles, and keep your English learning journey.

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Meghan Markle Quote

“Be kind to yourself.” Meghan Markle

British Royal Family – FULL TRANSCRIPT:

Interviewer: So, a real insight into why you and Prince Harry set up the Royal foundation. Did you ever imagine it will grow like this?

William: I think when we first started it, it started as a very small idea with Harry and I scratching our heads going, “How… how can we do something that’s going to help us in the future? How are we going to build something that’s going to provide almost a vehicle to allow us to impact in charitable areas?” Because it was quite difficult at the time. Harry and I used to go to a lot of engagements and see these incredible charities doing really great work, but felt that we… we could give more, and how could we do that? And so, the foundation idea sort of bubbled up as a sort of vehicle to be able to do more when we… when we walked away from these engagements.

Interviewer: So, you both take credit for coming up with the idea?

William: Totally.

Interviewer: Are there any particular moments that stand out for you or people you’ve met along the way?

William: I think, for me, I think, probably, you know, after while it was quite a big moment for me, when I realized the convening power of what we could do. I think getting the 7 leading global conservation NGOs and charities together in 1 room, and getting them to unite behind 1 particular focus, I thought that was… that was when I realized, actually, maybe this… this has got some legs, this has got some real ability to do something. Because I found uniting people together, bringing them together made so much… broke down barriers. It made things move much quicker, much smoother. And actually, we got more impact from that.

And then leading on to that, that the mental health campaign Heads Together, I think, you know, basically replicated the same thing, again, on a sort of national scale. And I think it surprised all of us how much it took off. And, again, the fact that we had these leading experts who’ve been working in the mental health field for way longer than we had, but we felt that we could… we could provide… well, they provided the foundation and the solidity of the campaign, and we could then help provide some of the… some of the other conduits.

Interviewer: Duchess, we can definitely give you credit for coming up with the idea to work together on the campaign around mental health. How did that come about? And why was that important for you?

Catherine: That’s pretty generous of you to say. It was an idea. But actually, it was actually going back to the beginning, when we were looking at the different ways in which we could all work with the foundation. And I suppose I’d learned through sort of meeting some of my managers, that there was sort of all these underlying causes across so many different sectors. Mental health just kept on flagging up every time, whether it’s with addiction or school support and with vulnerable young children. So, it’s something that I felt very passionate about. It’s obviously such a huge topic. It wasn’t as big as I actually thought it was, but it was something that I think all 3 of us at the time felt that we really could make a far bigger impact together, rather than just 1 of us acting alone on it.

Interviewer: And how much of a difference did it make the 3 of you behind that call to action?

Catherine: Right. I felt… I’ve always felt really strongly and sort of putting… putting ideas together. And sort of, we all had very different areas that were working… working with sort of Harry with… with knife crime, William with a lot of homelessness, with me with sort of, yeah, addiction and things. And I just think being able to sort of come to… come together to find some sort of common… common ground, and… and be able to sort of, yeah, draw ideas together and find a way forward, I think that’s really, really exciting.

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