Bob Proctor Speech: The Billion Dollar Practice

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Bob Proctor Speech: The Billion Dollar Practice

Watch this famous Bob Proctor Speech. Proctor teaches us that everyone will have doubts when achieving goals, but when you get a hold of your paradigms and study these principles, everything in your life can change. You’ll never be broke again if you do this practice. Bob Proctor is a world-renowned speaker, motivational coach, author of bestselling books, as well as a Law of Attraction teacher. Enjoy our Speeches with big English subtitles and keep your English learning journey.

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Bob Proctor Quote:

Bob Proctor Quote

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.” Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor full TRANSCRIPT:

“Let’s suppose that X represents where you are. That represents you where you are in your life right. Now, you have the ability to take a very honest look at your life and see how you’ve got there. Everything that’s happened is recorded in your mind, and you can look back, and you can see how one thing led to another, which led to another, which led to another. You met this person, you met that person you, moved here, you live there, you went to work here, and you’ll see in your mind how you got to where you are because you can look back at it. Now, when you go to look ahead, you say that’s where I want to go. This is the dream that comes into your mind, and you quickly get rid of it because you don’t know how to get there.

When we think of something, when it comes to our mind, let’s understand nothing is created or destroyed. We’ve tuned into something that already is! And rather than let it go, what we want to understand is that “there” is a place. It’s a frequency that we’re tuned in on, way beyond where we’re at in our own consciousness.

If we can see it in our mind, we can hold it in our hand. We don’t want to just let it go. Let’s realize if we can see it in our mind we can hold it in our hand. “There” is where I want to go. “There” is a place! This is real. This isn’t just some fancy idea. That’s why Von Braun told Kennedy, President Kennedy, it would take the will to do it; the ability to focus on that idea, to stick to your knitting, as I say. Focus on that idea to the exclusion of all the other nonsense that’s coming at you. Don’t pay any attention to the people who tell you why you can’t. You’ve got to stay focused.

The moment your belief matches with any state you fuse with it, that’s a state there. Now you see, if you don’t believe it you let it go. However, the moment your belief matches with any state, you fuse with it, this union results in the activation and protection of plots, plans, conditions and circumstance. All kinds of things start to happen in our life when we fuse with that idea.
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Bob Proctor Speech

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