Anne Hathaway Speech: Paid Family Leave

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Anne Hathaway Speech: Paid Family Leave

Watch this famous Anne Hathaway Speech. Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is an American actress and singer. One of the world’s highest-paid actresses in 2015, she has received multiple awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a British Academy Film Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award. Enjoy our Speeches with big English subtitles and keep your English learning journey.

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Anne Hathaway Quote:

Anne Hathaway Quote

You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours.” Anne Hathaway

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“When I was a young person, I began my career as an actress. Whenever my mother wasn’t free to drive me into Manhattan for auditions, I would take the train from suburban New Jersey and meet my father — who would have left his desk at the law office where he worked — and we would meet under the Upper Platform Arrivals and Departures sign in Penn Station. We would then get onto the subway together and, when we surfaced, he would ask me “Which way is north?” I wasn’t very good at finding North at the beginning, but I auditioned fair amount and so my Dad kept asking “Which way is north?” Over time, I got better at finding it.

I was struck by that memory yesterday while boarding the plane to come here. Not just by how far my life has come since then, but by how meaningful that seemingly small lesson has been. When I was still a child, my father developed my sense of direction and now, as an adult, I trust my ability to navigate space. My father helped give me the confidence to guide myself through the world.

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