Akshay Kumar: Family First

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Akshay Kumar: Family First

Learn English with Akshay Kumar’s speech. At Startup2018, Ms. Ritu Marya spoke with Mr. Perfect Akshay Kumar about what startups can learn from his journey from ground zero to being a superstar. A professional actor and film producer who works in Hindi cinema, Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia is an Indian-born naturalized Canadian. Over the course of his acting career, Kumar has appeared in more than 100 films and won several awards, including a National Film Award and two Filmfare Awards.

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Akshay Kumar “Quote”

Akshay Kumar Quote: Work is work, but family is for life. That’s what really matters to me.

“Work is work, but family is for life. That’s what really matters to me.”Akshay Kumar


The most important thing is take care of your family, take care of your parents. The strength lies in your family. Your family is your first priority. This is what I believe and I have.

Host: I write about start-ups and I write about entrepreneurs and they have perhaps some of the toughest times when they build their businesses. You’ve done the same grind, too, as an actor. So you know, you started your life from ground zero. And today, I mean, I was reading Architectural Digest and they said you’ve got the most beautiful home in Mumbai today. So, what’s it been like to go from ground zero to right up there where it matters?

Akshay Kumar: Yes, it’s been a hard journey and it’s been a different kind of experience. I don’t know from where to start from to answer your questions, it’s going to take a lot of time to talk about it. My formula has been a very different kind of formula. I’ll tell you something. Yes, my hard work is a lot. In my film industry, I’ve been working hard since last 28 years now. I’ve finished about 130 films. And now, I’ve now become a producer. Since last 10 years, I’ve been producing films like Waqt, Namaste London, Singh is King, Airlift, Baby, Special 26, and Stone and even Padman also.

I always wanted to bring… You know, the most important thing of my life has been that I wanted a change. Every time, anybody tries to put an image on me, I have always jumped to some other image. I never wanted to be in one track because I always think a change is the most important thing in anybody’s life. Because if the person can change himself, he can do many different things. Like I started doing romantic films, I started doing… I have done a villain’s role. I’ve done so many kind of different kind of roles. I didn’t care about it. I just went and did changes. So, I just would like to say that change is the most important thing.

But on top of that, I would bring one thing, whether you believe it or not, but this I will share it with you guys that my success lies a lot in my parents’ feet. I’ll tell you why. My… whenever in the morning, whenever I go to work, I always touch my mother’s feet and go ahead. Trust me, it has made so much difference in my career, in my life. I have been saved by so many people who… like, a lot of negative energies I have been saved from. But that is the fact. Yes, obviously, the hard work is the most important thing change is another thing, but to have a positive aura around you, and that only your parents can bring you. Not even God, it’s only your parents who will bring your positive aura around you and care for you.

I like to deconstruct; when I construct myself completely, then I look at myself. I want to break it. I want to break this whole image. I want to start another construction and build another one. This is, I would say it is in my mindset, this is what I have followed. I never stick to one particular image. I just want to just keep on innovating myself, undergoing… I know I can be comfortable by just doing commercial cinemas like Rowdy Rathore or Housefull or this kind of films, but I just want to deconstruct myself. Even when I did 2.0 with Rajnikanth sir, I’m playing a villain’s role. Lot of people ask me, “Why do you need to play villain’s role?” Why not? What is wrong? So, I just need to… I love to deconstruct myself, that is it, ma’am.

Host: Sure. So, you know, I also see that you’re probably the complete man of the industry. You know, you’re so busy, you do four movies as you said. And yet, you make sure that you always spend time with your family and you always have time for holidays. And I see start-ups who just get so engrossed with their work that they completely forget that they have families back, they have parents, they have children, they have wife, sister, you know. So, how do you make sure that you balance it out?

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