English Vocabulary with Thierry Henry

English Vocabulary with Thierry Henry

Task description:

A gap-filling exercise is a great way to practice your English. This exercise will leave a gap to be filled by a word that falls into a particular category, and so test your knowledge.

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Video quiz questions (printable)

  1. Fill the gap: Oh, I don’t know ________________________ that.
  2. Fill the gap: And then at the ________________________ of the career and throughout the career, you start to understand that without your mates, you are no one.
  3. Fill the gap: I kind of bother my kids with that ________________________ with the goals that I used to score and stuff like that.
  4. Fill the gap: I want to be ________________________ far, but it’s an image that I always saidthat’s… and you scored two you lost four-two.
  5. Fill the gap: And the only time you can go ________________________ and start to think about what you’ve done is when it’s done.
  6. Fill the gap: … Champions League winner, ________________________ Cup winner, European Championship winner, fifth on the all-time Premier League scoring list?
  7. Fill the gap: … that pain in the neck in a ________________________ way to challenge your coach because that’s what you’re supposed to do also,
  8. Fill the gap: How ________________________ do you think your success, is not down to him, but was nurtured by him and allowed you to realize your potential?
  9. Fill the gap: So he unlocked ________________________ doors that were locked for me and showed me the way and made me understand the player that I could be.
  10. Fill the gap: But the boss ________________________ to have also the quality to get you mentally and unlock that and trigger your brain.
  11. Fill the gap: Don’t ask yourself the wrong ________________________ .
  12. Fill the gap: You ________________________ tell the journalists understandable.
  13. Fill the gap: … I’m not ________________________ 100 % in the game because that would have woken me up and you need that at times and so I was.
  14. Fill the gap: That is why I did find myself in teams where we ________________________ often than not ended up winning something at the end of the season because we …
  15. Fill the gap: Well, I can ________________________ a lot because I did have the opportunity to play with a lot of great players:
  16. Fill the gap: Because of, guys, what you didn’t see is commitment ________________________ day in training and his desire.
  17. Fill the gap: How much attention did you ________________________ to pundits if they had criticized you or made a comment about you?
  18. Fill the gap: When outside of the game and people were talking it on a personal point of view, I used to just set it out with the ________________________ usually.
  19. Fill the gap: I try to ________________________ in the game and what happen in the game and not what’s happening outside of the game is not an easy one because some …
  20. Fill the gap: And it is where it is, but I’m ________________________ it.

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