English Vocabulary with Snoop Dogg

English Vocabulary with Snoop Dogg

Task description:

A gap-filling exercise is a great way to practice your English. This exercise will leave a gap to be filled by a word that falls into a particular category, and so test your knowledge.

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Video quiz questions (printable)

  1. Fill the gap: And my mother always kept me in the presence of people like there were times in the’70s where it would be a party in the ________________________ …
  2. Fill the gap: It was brought to me at ________________________ early age at the church I went to, Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church.
  3. Fill the gap: You can deal with — and you ________________________ — you deal with just about anyone,
  4. Fill the gap: But a ________________________ of — a lot of your peers who were making records at the same time as you in the early’90s,
  5. Fill the gap: I don’t know if it rubs you the ________________________ way or the wrong way.
  6. Fill the gap: I don’t ever ________________________ at, you know, what I’m doing and say, “ What are people going to think?
  7. Fill the gap: I think that’s one of the reasons why a little — a little kid and the grandmother will ________________________ be like, “Hey, that’s Snoop Dogg.
  8. Fill the gap: … I started to aim my pen in a more positive direction to write songs that matter to the kids and do ________________________ for the kids like the …
  9. Fill the gap: I wanted to be an uncle or a wisdom of guidance for these young rappers and young entertainers where they could call on me and ________________________ …
  10. Fill the gap: And even though you were ________________________ about things that were abrasive and sometimes downright guttural,
  11. Fill the gap: But a player in the neighbourhood had a certain conversation about ________________________ self.
  12. Fill the gap: Nonetheless, you move forward and we ________________________ about the things that you’ve done just to be in the conversation.
  13. Fill the gap: “You really ________________________ people on a journey of your life to the point where they feel like they’re on the journey with you.
  14. Fill the gap: “So once they explained it to me and I understood it, ________________________ I put my twist on it and I made it what it is.
  15. Fill the gap: … I feel like your followers, even when you ________________________ the comments, it’s cool to see the way people respond to you.
  16. Fill the gap: So at the ________________________ of the day, it is more about do it until you can’t do it no more.
  17. Fill the gap: So it’s like, you have to ________________________ to your kids, not you dictate to them all the time.
  18. Fill the gap: And if they’re your ________________________ ,
  19. Fill the gap: … some of these people from different countries don’t even speak English, but they know every ________________________ to my song.
  20. Fill the gap: And there was one point I just ________________________ and looked at them.

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