English Vocabulary with Gaur Gopal Das

English Vocabulary with Gaur Gopal Das

Task description:

A gap-filling exercise is a great way to practice your English. This exercise will leave a gap to be filled by a word that falls into a particular category, and so test your knowledge.

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Video quiz questions (printable)

  1. Fill the gap: When ________________________ talk about the United States of America, it has a USP:
  2. Fill the gap: And when we talk about India, India also has a USP, a unique selling proposition, something that all of us ________________________ known for.
  3. Fill the gap: You would ________________________ an Indian by a man or a lady who will use the belan,
  4. Fill the gap: … we are known for our sparing nature, no wonder a lot of ________________________ of this world are super – wealthy, in this country are super – wealthy.
  5. Fill the gap: But ________________________ India is especially known for on this planet Earth is its unique contribution in the field of spirituality.
  6. Fill the gap: But if you ________________________ to Rishikesh,
  7. Fill the gap: One is the roots; the ________________________ is the trunk, and third is the crown of the tree.
  8. Fill the gap: Our achievements are seen to people; our gadgets are seen to people; our ________________________ is seen to people.
  9. Fill the gap: … is gaining such popularity all over the world because everyone ________________________ that the unseen roots need to be strengthened so that the tree …
  10. Fill the gap: I ________________________ very well in the year 2009 … I believe it was 9th of July.
  11. Fill the gap: … one member who was the leader of the community I belong to and who also happened to be family spoke a few ________________________ about my father.
  12. Fill the gap: … even after ________________________ of my spiritual practice,
  13. Fill the gap: … I remember one statement my guru Radhanath Swami, the author of The Journey Home … if you can grab it, read it; beautiful ________________________ .
  14. Fill the gap: Ladies and gentlemen, we have to learn how to take the control of our feelings in our own ________________________ .
  15. Fill the gap: I’m saying this because people say that life is like an ice cream, you should ________________________ it before it melts.
  16. Fill the gap: I know ________________________ pilots are sitting here; I must apologize.
  17. Fill the gap: Therefore be selfish ________________________ .
  18. Fill the gap: And you will automatically look handsome because handsomeness is not about beauty and ________________________ , it’s about how we contribute to people.
  19. Fill the gap: Deepen ________________________ by connection to the divine, connection to God, your spiritual practice, your meditation, your prayer.
  20. Fill the gap: Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to thank all of you very, very much for your ________________________ attention.

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