English Vocabulary with Deepika Padukone

English Vocabulary with Deepika Padukone

Task description:

A gap-filling exercise is a great way to practice your English. This exercise will leave a gap to be filled by a word that falls into a particular category, and so test your knowledge.

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Video quiz questions (printable)

  1. Fill the gap: I was saying ________________________ your colleagues, the Triple L Foundation – The Live, Love and Laugh.
  2. Fill the gap: So the problem is ________________________ ,
  3. Fill the gap: I think most ________________________ ,
  4. Fill the gap: And I remember waking up, just one morning, leading an absolutely normal – or what I thought was normal — It ________________________ with — I fell.
  5. Fill the gap: I ________________________ break into a sweat every now and then.
  6. Fill the gap: I didn’t want to go to ________________________ .
  7. Fill the gap: She ________________________ me the routine questions about is it my relationship, is it something at work and I just kept saying no and I didn’t know.
  8. Fill the gap: And I called her and literally she asked me two questions and she said “I am flying down to ________________________ you right away.
  9. Fill the gap: … after struggling for so ________________________ months of having to go about the motions of doing everything,
  10. Fill the gap: I’m ________________________ ”,
  11. Fill the gap: So I think the two things that we managed to achieve ________________________ as a family is – one – the fact that somebody close to me,
  12. Fill the gap: Three – that I was ________________________ to the idea of seeking help and I accepted the fact that OK,
  13. Fill the gap: I took a step ________________________ and I said, “Why have I and why have we gone about it this way?
  14. Fill the gap: … if I was able to express the signs and symptoms that I experienced and if there was even one ________________________ in this room who identified …
  15. Fill the gap: I think from your story many ________________________ people can learn.
  16. Fill the gap: I think to begin with, just to become a ________________________ more aware as people.
  17. Fill the gap: I think depression sort of ________________________ for a much longer period of time and I think that’s when you realize that “Okay.
  18. Fill the gap: I think we all have now a habit of ________________________ each other how we’re doing without really listening to whether we actually — If I ask you …
  19. Fill the gap: … and sometimes it’s the other way around where the parents want their children to seek professional help and the ________________________ is resistant …
  20. Fill the gap: … ________________________ world and dark space again.

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