English Vocabulary with Barack Obama

English Vocabulary with Barack Obama

Task description:

A gap-filling exercise is a great way to practice your English. This exercise will leave a gap to be filled by a word that falls into a particular category, and so test your knowledge.

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Video quiz questions (printable)

  1. Fill the gap: ________________________ have been some stretches in our history where the economy grew much faster,
  2. Fill the gap: … pre-Civil War there’s a whole bunch of stuff there we could talk ________________________ set aside life in the 50s when women and people of color …
  3. Fill the gap: And the reason America is better is ________________________ we didn’t look backwards.
  4. Fill the gap: We seized the future and made it our own and that’s exactly why it’s ________________________ been young people like you that have brought about big …
  5. Fill the gap: The world has ever known [Applause], but I ________________________ .
  6. Fill the gap: … that’s how we help raise wages here in America that’s, how we help our workers compete on a level ________________________ field.
  7. Fill the gap: You want in people ________________________ policy.
  8. Fill the gap: so ________________________ of 2016, let me be as clear as I can be in politics.
  9. Fill the gap: … the Edison’s and the Wright ________________________ and the George Washington Carver’s and the Grace hoppers and the Norman Borlaug’s and the …
  10. Fill the gap: … you got to talk to them to ________________________ whether they know what they’re talking about qualities like kindness and compassion,
  11. Fill the gap: doesn’t ________________________ like the plantiffs warmer right now.
  12. Fill the gap: … what he would think imagine if your fifth-grade science ________________________ had seen that you’d get a D and either senator,
  13. Fill the gap: … how we cleaned up our air in our ________________________ ,
  14. Fill the gap: We get invest in ________________________ childhood education.
  15. Fill the gap: and the four who ________________________ home determined the course of this country just as much as the single one who voted because apathy has …
  16. Fill the gap: it took Thurgood Marshall immense double ACP decades to win ________________________ versus Board Education.
  17. Fill the gap: Think that’s, how democracy works ________________________ when we’re not even willing to listen to each other I, believe that’s misguided.
  18. Fill the gap: … use your logic and reason and ________________________ ,
  19. Fill the gap: However, ________________________ , however, incomplete successes is still successes.
  20. Fill the gap: … he took charge of a student nonprofit and worked with folks in Australia in Cambodia in Uganda to ________________________ the AIDS epidemic.

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