English Grammar with Thierry Henry

English Grammar with Thierry Henry

Task description:

A gap-filling exercise is a great way to practice your English. This exercise will leave a gap to be filled by a verb to BE (all tenses) that falls into a particular category, and so test your knowledge.

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Video quiz questions (printable)

  1. Fill the gap: Did he say I ________________________ a pain in the neck also in the court?
  2. Fill the gap: And then at the end of the career and throughout the career, you start to understand that without your mates, you ________________________ no one.
  3. Fill the gap: … “ if a player scores a goal for their team, but the team doesn’t go on to win, those goals should ________________________ discounted?
  4. Fill the gap: I want to ________________________ too far, but it’s an image that I always saidthat’s… and you scored two you lost four-two.
  5. Fill the gap: … kicking the tennis ball around the bedroom when you ________________________ just five, six years old.
  6. Fill the gap: And we thought we ________________________ clever; we’re smashing the ball against walls.
  7. Fill the gap: But you need to ________________________ that guy that is going to put something on a table for the coach to work with.
  8. Fill the gap: It might have ________________________ a dream.
  9. Fill the gap: But he had that amazing way of talking his way out of the box, and that ________________________ well documented.
  10. Fill the gap: ________________________ very important because you have a lot of coaches that can tell you,
  11. Fill the gap: I used to try to put the fault on others before when I ________________________ a player.
  12. Fill the gap: And I know that when you ________________________ playing, you did interviews.
  13. Fill the gap: We’re not here to ________________________ friends or go out or whatever it was or be nice, we’re here to win.
  14. Fill the gap: That ________________________ why I did find myself in teams where we more often than not ended up winning something at the end of the season because we …
  15. Fill the gap: Thierry, who ________________________ some of the greatest players you played with?
  16. Fill the gap: I don’t know if you guys ________________________ realizing what the guy is doing, but this is not normal what he’s doing.
  17. Fill the gap: Now all these simple, and Dennis had that in the way he ________________________ training.
  18. Fill the gap: When outside of the game and people ________________________ talking it on a personal point of view, I used to just set it out with the person usually.
  19. Fill the gap: I hear he’s bias because he ________________________ an Arsenal fan.
  20. Fill the gap: Not a lot of people ________________________ pundits and they have to talk about their old boss is not an easy one, but I have to do it, I’m doing it.

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