English Grammar with Kevin Hart

English Grammar with Kevin Hart

Task description:

A gap-filling exercise is a great way to practice your English. This exercise will leave a gap to be filled by a verb to BE (all tenses) that falls into a particular category, and so test your knowledge.

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Video quiz questions (printable)

  1. Fill the gap: Oh I’m curious to see how he ________________________ in this one – so do you set?
  2. Fill the gap: You know, I’ve ________________________ doing comedy and acting for years.
  3. Fill the gap: I ________________________ watching, and pretty much taking away.
  4. Fill the gap: You ________________________ in a Judd Apatow TV show, which I think people aspire to, and then Hollywood just kind of stopped working for you.
  5. Fill the gap: But I ________________________ like this is it’s, not enough like I’m, not gonna be able to take care of myself.
  6. Fill the gap: Cuz, I know what I ________________________ .
  7. Fill the gap: I’ve ________________________ around for years.
  8. Fill the gap: Let along during this process, you realize that you ________________________ the product, and you want to own the product.
  9. Fill the gap: You know, how ________________________ I gonna really support those around me.
  10. Fill the gap: how do I how do I learn would like what ________________________ I supposed to figure it out?
  11. Fill the gap: things started to click so much easier that ________________________ the turning point starting your own company.
  12. Fill the gap: ________________________ you a hands-on guide you build this really long like daily meetings,
  13. Fill the gap: What lessons should they take out of what you’ve just ________________________ through take a lesson from what I’ve been through just pay attention.
  14. Fill the gap: … you have to just ________________________ careful, just make sure that you’re always handling yourself correctly.
  15. Fill the gap: … let other people dictate who you ________________________ and what you should be I,
  16. Fill the gap: … if you’re a comedian you’re supposed to ________________________ able to say the things that other people think, but they won’t say and you’re doing that.
  17. Fill the gap: And if you ________________________ a comic that choose to go down,
  18. Fill the gap: Want to ________________________ an actor.
  19. Fill the gap: … just started this ________________________ probably tomorrow get up in the morning,
  20. Fill the gap: So my advice ________________________ do not be a talker,

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