English Grammar with Deepika Padukone

English Grammar with Deepika Padukone

Task description:

A gap-filling exercise is a great way to practice your English. This exercise will leave a gap to be filled by a verb to BE (all tenses) that falls into a particular category, and so test your knowledge.

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Video quiz questions (printable)

  1. Fill the gap: So the problem ________________________ really,
  2. Fill the gap: So having said this and congratulating you for all your achievements and expressing my respect – for people maybe who may not ________________________ …
  3. Fill the gap: My parents and my sister have always ________________________ extremely supportive of everything that I have done in my life.
  4. Fill the gap: But what I ________________________ also experiencing was this sort of hollow, sort of empty pit-ish feeling in my stomach.
  5. Fill the gap: And then there ________________________ days when I just didn’t want to get out of bed.
  6. Fill the gap: She asked me the routine questions about ________________________ it my relationship, is it something at work and I just kept saying no and I didn’t know.
  7. Fill the gap: And I called her and literally she asked me two questions and she said “ I ________________________ flying down to see you right away.
  8. Fill the gap: At least now we know what this ________________________ that I was experiencing,
  9. Fill the gap: So if people would say “Hey, how have you ________________________ ?
  10. Fill the gap: B – The other situation could have ________________________ my mother could have completely discouraged me from seeking professional help.
  11. Fill the gap: Three – that I ________________________ open to the idea of seeking help and I accepted the fact that OK,
  12. Fill the gap: And it ________________________ all of those experiences that made me think and reflect and say “ One second”.
  13. Fill the gap: I ________________________ going through the exact same thing but I have not been able to put a finger on what it is that I am going through”,
  14. Fill the gap: So what would ________________________ your advice to young people on what they should do for themselves and what they should do to help others?
  15. Fill the gap: ________________________ you feeling a sense of sadness or low for a prolonged period of time?
  16. Fill the gap: It could ________________________ a sibling.
  17. Fill the gap: … how you ________________________ doing,
  18. Fill the gap: They ________________________ concerned about what society will think.
  19. Fill the gap: … I ________________________ not someone who can prescribe and say “ Yes,
  20. Fill the gap: … mindfulness – all of those things ________________________ things that I still have to do on a regular basis to ensure that I don’t go back into that …

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